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Byron Bay

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Popular Holiday Destination

Byron Bay has 9 outstanding surfing beaches, for which it is internationally known; 'The Pass' lies directly next to the world famous Lighthouse and is a very popular surfspot, 'The wreck' which is good for beginner surfers, then you have the main beach, Belongil beach, Watego's and little Watego's, 'the Cosy Corner' ...

There are a wide range of activities to keep you amused. The main highstreet in Byron Bay is Jonson Street which leads into Bangalow Road. Everything is situated along or just off of this street, from shops, cafe, restaurants and accommodation.

Byron Bay doesn't have an airport of its own. If you want to book flights to Byron Bay you should be looking at one of three airports within 100 miles. The nearest airport is Ballina Byron Gateway Airport, which is 22.5 miles from the centre of Byron Bay (about 30 minutes' drive).Aug 19, 2016

Byron Bay is a coastal town in the southeastern Australian state of New South Wales.

It’s a popular holiday destination, known for its beaches, surfing and scuba diving sites. Cape Byron State Conservation Park is on a headland with a lighthouse. Between June and November, humpback whales can be spotted from headland viewpoints such as the Captain Cook Lookout.

Byron Bay
Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

Byron Bay is evolving

Byron Bay is not what it used to be. No shade intended: This small town on the north coast of the Australian state of New South Wales has always shifted with the times, and that’s no less true now. Byron Bay is known as an epicenter of Australia’s counter-culture, a coastal idyll cradled by an ancient caldera, where hippies live alongside surfers and locals stopped McDonald’s from setting up its golden arches. But it wasn’t always this way: before the New Agers unfurled their prayer flags in the 1970s, it had a less romantic reputation as a hub of sand-mining, cedar-cutting, abattoirs, and whaling.

Byron—or the Bay, as locals call it—is evolving again. It’s still a magnet for backpackers and surfers, but these days it also attracts cashed-up visitors, and entrepreneurs who boast about ‘board meetings’ on the water. Byron may have become more crowded and chaotic in the last few years, but its main selling points—a laid-back pace and beautiful beaches—are still just as appealing.

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Popular  Restaurants in Byron Bay

These are some tourist favorites that are worth checking out.
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This "street food" is insane! Have been there a couple of times and can absolutely recommend it. Every dish is really good and delicious.

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Light Years

The food is like innovative Japanese, fresh, unique and tasty. They have a very good collection of beer, spirit and wine, the cocktails are pretty interesting as well.
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No Bones

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